Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm – Community

Sharing the benefits

Right from the outset of this project, Wind Prospect is committed to ensuring that those living closest to the proposed wind farm share the financial benefits.

If the proposed Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm is constructed, a range of benefit sharing programs will be implemented that will operate for the lifetime of the project.

We are seeking input into the design and make up of the benefit sharing program.

Wind Prospect has prepared some preliminary Benefits Sharing Programs that aim to distribute benefits from the project to neighbouring landowners, residents and the community. We will continue to seek feedback about the makeup of our Benefits Sharing Programs through extensive community consultation with residents, neighbours and other stakeholders.

Some proposed benefit sharing initiatives include:

  • Neighbour Benefit Payments
  • Community Benefits Fund
  • Subsidised electricity
  • Household energy efficiency, solar and battery support
  • Traditional Owner benefits sharing
  • Community Sponsorship Fund

Do you have any thoughts about how to share the project’s benefits?

Please let us know by completing our survey here or writing to us via our project email: [email protected].

Neighbour Benefit Program

Payments made to the neighbours nearest the project to recognise that the project will impact the landscape around them.

Community Benefits Fund

A pool of money that could be managed by a community committee and be allocated to community projects, events and initiatives.

Subsidised Electricity

The benefits sharing program could include discounted electricity for the community in the vicinity of the project.

Household Energy Efficiency, Solar and Battery Support

The project could support initiatives to help households reduce their energy bills through efficiency measures or contributing to solar and battery installations.

Traditional Owner Benefits Sharing

Wind Prospect recognises the Ngadjuri People as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm is being developed and we look forward to working with the Ngadjuri People to project and celebrate their heritage for generations to come.

Other Benefits

The project team is also keen to explore opportunities for other benefits the project can provide to the community. If you have any suggestions of how the project can support the local community beyond financial contributions, please let us know what is important to you.

Community Sponsorship Fund – Applications now open!

While most of the benefit sharing programs will not commence until the wind farm has been approved, the annual Community Sponsorship Fund is already in operation and applications are welcome. The fund provides an annual fund of $10,000 per year to assist community groups and organisations that operate in the vicinity of the proposed wind farm to improve their services, programs, initiatives and/or facilities. Please contact us to learn more about the application process and terms and conditions.

Wind Prospect will administer this fund with guidance and feedback from the Regional Council of Goyder and the local community. Once the wind farm is commissioned, the sponsorship fund will be replaced by the Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund which will continue for the duration of the wind farm’s operation. Download the application form here, or head here to fill out the form online!

Download some helpful guidelines for your application here!

Wind Prospect is proud to have provided sponsorship in 2022 and 2023 to:

  • the Terowie Citizens Association Inc. for the Terowie Christmas Pageant; a defibrillator; a drinks fridge.
  • the Hallett Community Hub Inc. for Father Christmas Gifts for Children; and
  • the Burra Boobarowie Hallett Football and Netball Clubs.

Community engagement

Wind Prospect is committed to engaging extensively with the community, neighbours and other key stakeholders in the to better understand how to meet the needs of the community as a whole.

Consultation with key stakeholders for the Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm is now underway. Wind Prospect has been meeting with local residents near the project, as well as the Regional Council of Goyder, State and Federal Government bodies and other interested individuals and groups. A series of engagement pop-ups and community drop-in sessions were held in 2022 and 2023.

Wind Prospect are also seeking applications for our Community Sponsorship Fund and your input into the Benefit Sharing Program.

Wind Prospect is committed to an open and transparent consultation process with all stakeholders, providing accurate and timely information as the Project progresses through each phase.

Past events

Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm community drop-in sessions 2023

Wind Prospect held community drop-in sessions in the Hallett Hall and Whyte Yarcowie Public Hall on Wednesday 29 November 2023, and in the Whyte Yarcowie Public Hall and Terowie Institute Supper Room on Thursday 30 November. These sessions offered the opportunity for the project team to share a more detailed project design and discuss potential community benefits sharing programs with the community.

Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm community drop-in sessions 2022

Wind Prospect held community drop-in sessions in the Hallett Hall on Wednesday 31 August and in the Whyte Yarcowie Public Hall and Terowie Institute Supper Room on Thursday 1 September 2022. These sessions offered the opportunity for locals to learn more about the project, meet the project team, and have face to face conversations with us to share local knowledge and perspectives about the proposed project.

Wind Prospect appreciate and would like to thank everyone who has come along and shared their thoughts and perspectives with the project team at our engagement events! We also thank the community members who helped coordinate the use of local venues, going to great lengths to welcome us. The generous hospitality was greatly appreciated.

What we heard

Wind Prospect has held two sets of community drop-in sessions across 2022 and 2023. The most common themes across these sessions were:

  • potential visual and noise amenity impacts
  • turbine placement
  • potential future construction traffic impacts in the area, particularly impacts on transportation of livestock, and regional connectivity
  • ideas for allocation of the community sponsorship fund and future community benefit fund (should the project go ahead).
  • local procurement and economic benefits of the project
  • sourcing and the use of water during construction
  • CFS/SES fire and emergency risks and mitigation
  • accommodation needs of the project construction phase

Our project team members always record the input, advice, local knowledge, and feedback about the proposed project from the many productive conversations we have with the local members of the community. This type of feedback helps us to refine the project’s design and the environmental assessments that will be undertaken.

Wind Prospect values the views of the community. Community engagement will be ongoing and there will be further opportunities in the future to meet the team and learn more about the project. We encourage you to get in touch with our team anytime if you have any questions, feedback or concerns to share. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via 1800 595 197 or [email protected]

Have your say

Community and stakeholder engagement will be ongoing throughout the project. Your input, feedback and views on the proposed Whyte Yarcowie Wind Farm are important. Wind Prospect genuinely want to hear what you have to say, as your opinions can lead to improvements to the project design.

If you are after more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Wind Prospect have established the following lines of communication and encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments.

Personal information will be treated as private and confidential and will not be passed to any third parties not involved with the wind farm.

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